TK's Corner

Hi! I'm Tom Kelly (a.k.a. TK) and I would like to tell you about my inspiration and the reason behind the creation of Wubba.™ My inspiration was and continues to be my best friend and trusted companion - a premier golden retriever named Amber. Amber's favorite game is and forever will be fetch.

We often play our usual game for hours at a time - but it wasn't until we spent some time in Plymouth, Vermont, that our cherished time together was in danger of being "snowed out." There was a lot of freshly fallen snow that year, so although the snowboarding was stellar, it put a damper on things when we couldn't retrieve Amber's toys lost adrift in the dark and the snow. However, we were determined to make the best of the situation and went through countless tennis balls and toys.

It was then that Amber and I decided to take matters into our own hands and paws! Thus, began the quest for the ultimate interactive play toy - an item that would be easily seen and heard at any time of the day and under almost any condition: rain, shine or snow.

Wubba What?

Returning back to Darien, Connecticut, my hometown, the wheels were in motion. I was determined to find something that would fit the bill of providing Amber with her daily dose of fun. Starting with a run of the mill squeaky dog toy, an old woolen sock and a pair of shears, the first Wubba was created.

Amber went into a frenzy when she heard the words Wubba Wubba and I knew that I had stumbled across something that dogs around the world would love. The Wubba toy was perfect as far as Amber was concerned! Its outrageous design made it easy to see as it flew through the air, it squeaked when it landed, and its long tendrils kept it light and easy to spot in just about any terrain.

What a Wonderful Wubba World®

Over the next twelve months I gave Wubbas to family, friends and strangers in exchange for a dog lovers' opinion of this dog loving invention. With more than favorable responses, I knew it was time to develop and manufacture a complete line of Wubba products for our four-legged friends to enjoy! Wubba is Dog's Best Friend.

We are dedicated to providing products that will not only contribute to the health and happiness of your dog through exercise and training , but will further the life long bond between you and your "best friend". So woof it up with Wubba! Toss it, tug it, squeak it, love it! Thanks for visiting Wubba World!

Amber and TK